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Jackalope Announcements:

I am job hunting!! I'm one of those crazy risk and threat analysts who find you all the dirty stuff on the Internet that your clients don't know is there, give your clients remediation help, sort of analysts. Please send an email or pinge me on Twitter if you'd like to see a resume if you think you "know a guy" or a company to suggest.

Jackalope Vendor table will be at DC23! I'm trying to figure out what other fun to have for this year, looking at patches and maybe pins in addition to CDs, Pint Glasses, some shirts, and skateboard decks.

I already have my room booked for DEFCON, so see you there in a bit!


Show you belong to the Jackalope Army! Patches will be available at DEF CON and quite possibly before! Check here for details! They're about 3"x3". *Coming Soon!*

DJ JACKALOPE PINT GLASSES! Beer in style! Buy some at DC23.


(contains cds, shirts, and random stuff!)

Jackalope Army Cafepress Store! If there's something you want that you don't see, let me know, I will see what I can do to help!


07.03.15 Future Jackalope Appearences

Past Jackalope Appearences

Jackalope sightings in the news.

I write a column or two a month for and tell it like it is in the Las Vegas Electronic Music scene!

Jackalope @ Hackcon in Oslo, Norway.

Make Contact with Jackalope:

Twitter@djjackalope This is the best place for the newest info.

Miss Jackalope DJ Facebook Page. Jackalope Official.

DJ Diary: My silly life as a dj. I haven't quite updated this thing in a while... but still crazy to check out.


Miss Jackalope Discography.

Jackalope Sets / Soundcloud!

Find Jackaklope in comic books:
See Issue #20 of Harbinger on Valliant comics, I was a technical editor in that one.
BPM by Paul Sizer. DJ technical editrix!

Misadventures of DJ Jackalope

Resissued! Coming soon!

art by guile

DEFCON - the world's biggest computer security convention

DEFCON Picts from this year and past years.

Defcon Forums. You know, forums, where the weird stuff happens when you're not at DEFCON.

Things I Support....

Hackcon Oslo, Norway's Computer Security Convention

BRUcon: Ghent's Security con, dedicated to beer, knowledge and fun.

WAHCKon[2] Perth Check out Perth's security con!

LayerOne SoCA's security event!

Shakacon The insane con of the Hawaiian Islands

Toorcon. San Diego's computer security convention

Shmoocon. Washington DC's computer security convention

TOOOL The Open Organization of Lockpickers, USA

Orbis Associates and other weirdness....

pH10 Music at its funnest! Denver.

Ghetto Geeks. More Hackwear to check out.

Network23 Parties the way they should be

Music Sources....

The American Jungle A feature length documentary/film about the North American Drum & Bass culture.

Beatport It's like itunes for djs.

Orbis Magazine

The Official site is back up after a year long disappearence! Orbis Magazine is the longest running underground rave magazine in Colorado history. Site is currently underconstruction! Sorry about that, check back in a bit! 3/2013.

link to Orbis Magazine site




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